Look After Your Feet!

Your feet will carry your whole body around your entire life. They need to be healthy and strong in order to support your weight and withstand stresses and strains of every day use. Unlike shoes, you can’t put a new pair on if they are uncomfortable!

Feet are a hard working area of the body and often the most abused. Most people neglect their feet and if a problem arises, attempt to treat it themselves, sometimes with disastrous results! Many common problems can be avoided. It is important therefore, to have your feet checked regularly, just as you would your teeth, eyes or your car! Having your feet examined by a Podiatrist could save years of unnecessary expense and discomfort.

The old fashioned idea that ‘Chiropody’ was merely cutting old ladies toenails is long since gone. Modern Chiropodists are Podiatrists, and treat every age and foot problem. Children through to their late teens, will be advised on foot care and foot wear, whilst minor problems e.g. in growing toenails can be cured.

The older generation may look with confidence to being made more comfortable, with the problems of a lifetime’s hard work on their feet being dealt with kindly and gently. They will probably be advised on suitable shoes, into which palliative insoles and comforting toe devices may be fitted, to help treat painful corns and callouses.

Each foot contains 26 bones. Each bone is connected by ligaments to create a dynamic and important functioning part of the human anatomy. It allows us to walk, run, jump, turn and dance. Functioning in harmony with our ankles, knees, hips and the spine, the foot completes the mechanism we use in motion, allowing us to experience these activities without any problems.